Fossil Blue - you can swim in it

by Terry Moss in

Fossil Blue. Fossil Blue. Fossil Blue. Say it a few more times and you'll be instantly transported back to the late 90's where everyone (yes everyone) had a Fossil Blue. Going through our historical documents, the Fossil Times we've traced the beginnings of Fossil Blue. Welcome to Volume 3 Issue 3 of the Fossil Times released sometime in the spring of 1996. Apologies up front for the quality of this issue -- it's bad and our bathroom monkeys aren't happy with it's quality, but the price is right (free).

Only a few things to highlight in this issue besides the launch of Fossil Blue. The Fossil General Store is something I don't remember and curious who might know anything more about it. I suppose there's a few of you on this site who have their own Fossil General Stores in their homes including the webmaster! Betty Boop made her appearance in this issue as well as a mention of a very hard to find hand painted dial series LE-9408 & LE-9409 - interesting to note that students painted the dials, sounds more like child labor, but the results were amazing and if you find one of these complete with the display card, you have a rarity. Again rarity doesn't mean big bucks, but enjoy and display with pride.

Before we show you the goods, let's talk about the jacket. The Fossil Letter Jacket Model Search - only 2 of these jackets were made. Who's got one and how did you impact the world as the 1996 Mr. or Ms. Fossil Letter Jacket Model Search Winner?

Onto the show! Oh and whatever happened to Jorg & Reiner?