1996 Fossil Collector's Club - WOW

by Terry Moss in

Greetings Fossil fans! Whelp…here it is 22 years later we are publishing the first of five 1996 Fossil Times newsletters. This newsletter came out in late 1995 and was hyping the 1996 kit, which is still one of our favorites. Be sure to rush to America Online and check out the Fossil Store with aol keyword “Fossil”. Let us know how that works for you.

This newsletter compared to others really shows the fans and we like that. Can’t help when I read the articles to wonder where is Larry Clark, Frank Monforte, Tim Duensing and the others featured in this newsletter? We get emails all the time from collectors young & old, but never this old! Come on guys reach out (and do you still have the Fossil bicycle)?

Not much else to note in this article besides some limited editions and a few Texas themed ones that are rare…probably because no one has heard of these guys or because the quantities were fairly limited compared to other releases. Byron Nelson has a limited edition pocket watch from Fossil – who knew?

Last thing of note is the FAQ around the warranty. Known even back then in 1996 was the famous Fossil 11-year warranty. A question of ours has been answered around why some of the older watches (like Defender & Limited Editions) didn’t have the standard warranty and we even see this in recent years with the limited warranty on the Fossil Swiss line. It’s sad now that the 11-year warranty is no more, but I can attest that Fossil does their best to repair the older watches, you just have to pay and that can be a hard pill to swallow, but we're fans and fans pay the bills.

Until next time!