Join the 1997 Fossil Collectors Club

by Terry Moss in

Just in time for the holidays, join the 1997 Fossil Collectors Club today! Ahh…wouldn’t that be nice? In our own humble opinion this is the peak of the design phase for that 50’s American style we all love and miss. The front cover really says it all, but an exclusive fossil frame is something that our bathroom monkeys must have missed and now they are searching the halls of the interwebs for one! Without further ado let’s dig into Volume 3, Issue 5!

Fossil 2002! If only we knew to save these or remove the batteries immediately. I can’t tell you how many collectors (or eBay scalpers) email us asking to fix these LCD 2002 watches. The LCD watches take 2 batteries and besides replacing the movement entirely we haven’t found a way to fix them. These watches when working selling for good money online, but honestly, they are way too cool to sell. 

The Fossil cups are of interest and we haven’t seen these since going to see Beavis and Butt-Head Do America in late 1996 in the theaters. These cups are one thing we would love in our collection – over 4 million produced, are any left?

Moving onto Collector’s Club news…the Fossil Europe page is very meaty. Details of the previously mentioned European Collectors Club Meeting sound amazing and please send pictures!

Wrapping up the “Fossil Missing Sock Drive” is something Fossil probably regrets. How many socks were mailed and how many of them were not cleaned prior to sending? The world may never know, but take comfort knowing this was a one-time deal and you weren’t involved in opening those stinky packages.

All-righty onto the newsletter!