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Greetings fans and welcome to another edition of the Fossil Times in 2017. As stated in previous posts the order becomes a bit blurry -- we know Volume 2 came after Volume 1 in 1994. Sometime in 1995 (don't all good stories start that way?), the next edition got a little confused and it's calling itself Volume 1, Issue 4 -- which is something we've already discovered before

Let's not focus on the numbers and remember that content is king and this newsletter holds some treasures for the mid-90's collector.  The display case on the front page is from Korea and we can't help but wonder where it is now? Looks like they had some good stuff including the 16 inch tall Fred Q Fossil.

Superman makes an appearance in this newsletter and we've actually gotten many complaints that we don't talk enough about the Superman limited editions. Well here is a sneak peek of "The Man of Steel" launched in October 1995. How many Superman Limited Editions are there? Anyone? Anyone?

I've saved best for the last "Fred Fossil Soars Through Cyberspace" Launching in September of 1995, be sure to fire up your Windows 95 PC with a 1.0 GB harddrive and visit for all your Fossil watch, FSL Sport watches and leather goods. The website is a treasure trove of information and it's still active via Man I wish they still had a Collector's Corner.....wink wink nudge nudge.

Please enjoy the last newsletter we have from 1995. Next stop 1996!