FOSSIL TIMES, ISSUE 2, VOLUME 2 - The World Prepares for DEFENDER!

by Terry Moss in , ,

Continuing our proud tradition of posting Fossil Times newsletters online about 20 years too late, we are pleased to have found a monumental issue -- Issue 2, Volume 2 - The World Prepares for DEFENDER! Some say we post too much about the Defender line on this site and not about other collectibles. Whelp here's our chance to talk more about Defender because it's next in line of a long line of Fossil Times newsletters.

What we like about the launch of the Fossil Defender line (in 1995) was that Fossil already knew that the line was going to be different -- some might say a risk, but deviating from the tins and launching special straps was a nice differentiator and they highlighted it early. Looking for those cardboard boxes and original straps are still something Defender collectors are searching for.

Moving on...other noticeable announcements are the Surfer launch LE-9465 in the custom wooden box. It wasn't until early 2017 where we finally got our hands on one -- 22 years later, sensing a theme here? 

Besides Defender background, the other history lesson here is the tins. Believe it or not there are still tin collectors out there, this article on page 3 outlines a quickie history lesson. If you haven't already look for a book from Fossil called Tinspiration for all your Fossil tin needs -- that book is also becoming rare.  

Now for your enjoyment please find Issue 2, Volume 2 below and as always whatever happened to Gianni Menozzi and his fabulous Fossil collection? Please honor his achievement of collecting 121 Fossils in one year!