Fossil Times, Issue 1, Volume 2 - Marilyn the legend the beauty

by Terry Moss in ,

Greetings Fossil friends! Welcome to the latest installment of previous Fossil Times newsletters. Here is where things get a little blurry as far as order. Based on 1994’s issues we posted, one would wager to say that the Fossil Times came out quarterly. We posted 4 issues and they all were numbered accordingly, Volume 1, Issue 1 / Volume 1, Issue 2 and so on. Starting with the 1995 issues, we could go one of 2 ways – Volume 2, Issue 1 or sadly there are some additional Volume 1, Issue 1 newsletters, but FEAR NOT! we’ve spent countless hours reviewing these looking for hints of dates, release information, etc and believe we have the correct order for at least the next few issues.

With Volume 2, Issue 1 we see the start of some limited editions that are still collectible today including the firemen LE-9466 and the policemen LE-9469 watches. Marilyn Monroe and Elvis watches will never be unpopular and there’s an introduction to FSL watches, which were marketed starting in May 1995 as a durable sports watch. Additional scans of FSL launch materials coming in the summer of 2017.

Two things stick out when reading this issue. The mention of the Fossil Antler Watch (DT-3201) comes up. While not valuable, this is one of the first limited edition watches Fossil did way back in January 1992 and it was limited to 5000 pieces. Even in early 1995, it was on the hard to find list. We always liked this watch because it features a 5-legged deer and oddly enough the newsletter mentions that! How about that? Secondly as always we have to ask, where is Dennis Wiens, the Collector of the Month? Stay tuned with news on Dennis – we’ll see him in further issues. Until then enjoy the hits from early 1995!