Fossil Times - Issue 4, Volume 1 - 1995 Sneak Peak

by Terry Moss in ,

Ah the 90's! Hard pill to swallow seeing 1995 Sneak Peak in our journey through the Fossil Times newsletters. Oh by the way this issue is 23 years old! On that note of positivity, let's dig in!

This issue isn't too exciting, unless you long for the days of licensed limited edition watches. Two things caught our attention and one is the updated limited edition checklist -- interesting that even at that time Fossil didn't have their facts straight and they admit that right here! I can't tell you how many questions we receive still on limited editions and what's what, who's on first, etc. The second interesting thing is a point we always like to make....where's Elaine Mapes now and how many Fossil goodies does she have?