Fossil Facts - Volume 1 Issue1

by Terry Moss in

Occasionally we run across some internal documentation that sheds some light into the world of Fossil in the 90's. The below scans are one such item circa 1996 called Fossil Facts. This 4 page document was used for employees for quick hit talking points around the brand and some knowledge about the watches.

My favorite piece in this whole thing is when asked about the Fossil Image, the response is "Fossil focuses on the wholesome brand image of "America in the 1950's" targeting the value-driven, back to basics consumer of the nineties.

Ironically it was nice to see that Defender was marketed as “an exciting series of watches that is “classic rugged” in styling and geared for ages twenty and up”. Looks like I missed the target demographic for that by a couple of years in 1996 – now I’m pushing 40 and that 'classic rugged style' is what I’m looking for.