the old bucket list of watches

by Terry Moss in

To compare a watch to something on your bucket list is probably a bit much, but did I get your attention? We all have those watches amongst other things we are always on the hunt for. It’s the thrill of the hunt that keeps us going and it’s the most fun. I have watches that I’ve hunted for years only to wear them once or twice, but at least I have them. Two such watches on my “bucket list” of watches that I would pay anything for showed up in the same day on eBay and I pulled the trigger.

Defender DF-1003
When I first starting hunting & collecting Defenders in 2009, this Defender showed up on eBay for $50 and wasn’t sure the rarity or the value. Believe it or not Defenders were selling on eBay for $10-$30 all day long, this was before a wonderful Fossil Collector’s Club website came online and prices starting going up! Who is that guy? What a jerk! Anyways $50 was too high and as the auction closed for about $56 I remember thinking that’s the one I want.

Fast forward 7 years later to a rainy, autumn Sunday morning in Cleveland, Ohio and as I’m sipping my coffee while ignoring my children who are playing Minecraft in the other room, this Defender shows up at the top of my feed! Buy it now for $59.99, done! It wasn’t until afterwards that I saw the pictures of the crown being broken and even though the listing said the watch kept time, it doesn’t! I don’t care, I have it and if you follow us on Facebook you’ve probably seen that some of these chronos from Fossil are all related and all have the same movement. Anyone know a good horologist?

Fossil Automatic Breaker LE-1015
When this watch first hit the waves in 2013…get it waves? I took notice and so did many other watch collectors and blogs. By Googling Fossil LE-1015 you’ll get a taste of the torture that we’ve experienced for many years now because these watches are highly reviewed, very expensive (for a Fossil) and extremely limited. Now and again they come up on forums for about the original retail price of $445, which is too rich for the blood of this father of 2 in the great Midwest.

LE-1015 has been on my eBay watch list for years now and has never come up and it still hasn’t come up. While working on a Sunday night (living the dream!) and waiting for files to come in, I started browsing on eBay and this watch in it’s orange waterproof case appeared as the picture with the WORST title ever for this watch – no one would know what the watch was based on the title of "Fossil Watch Thin Blue Line Collection". I felt the rush of anxiety hit me, was this it, really? Checked out the seller profile, seems legit -- view all the pictures, okay and I hit buy it now for $89. I didn’t even double check that I had $89 in my account – bought!

On the other side of obtaining these 2 rare watches, I do find myself not searching as much for other watches – I had a major score in one day and I know that’s rare, it’s nice to take a break from screen time and just enjoy having the watches and taking in the holiday season with a rare watch underneath my ugly Christmas sweater.