Fossil Times - Issue 2, Volume 1 - Fossil Takes A Road Trip

by Terry Moss in ,

As promised in November 2016 - we are posting Fossil Times newsletters up on the site one at a time. Last month we strolled down memory lane to the year of 1994, when the Fossil shops took flight. Fast forward a few more months (still in 1994) we are pleased to re-introduce you to Fossil Takes A Road Trip, Issue 2, Volume 1.

The main story here is the traveling road show to 60 cities commemorating Fossil's 10 year history. I actually have a few documents and things from this tour, but sadly the 2 versions of this Fossil Times newsletter are equally as bad -- one has notes all over it from the person who attended the December 9 event at Northridge, California which looks like it was changed to Newport Beach, California and the other copy is below. Enjoy!