The watch is out there.....

by Terry Moss in ,

As you all know Fossil released a lot of limited edition watches in the nineties that had tie-ins to television, movies and music among other things (I'm still holding my breath for a Nintendo themed Fossil watch). Some of these are very collectible and others are just okay.

Going over some scans I came across a scan from the Fossil Times for an X-Files Limited Edition watch and thought what a timely post given that the X-Files is returning to television TOMORROW! I couldn't be more excited to see Mulder and Scully after 13 years.

The scan below is for the first limited edition X-Files watch from May 1997 for pieces LI-1633 and LI-1634. The watch retailed for $75. Later there was more limited edition X-Files runs of watches LI-1672 & LI-1673 with a more limited number of pieces and I wouldn't doubt there's more pieces out there, the truth is out there.......

"Join Mulder and Scully in their search for the truth with this 10,000 piece Limited Edition watch. Each watch features a matte silver case with a numbered caseback and a silver X-Files dial with a raised logo. Packaged in a silver cylinder tin with the “X” logo on top, the watch also comes with a cool silver X-Files key chain. A Certificate of Authenticity comes in each package, ensuring that your watch is no impostor. Available in May at a store near you! Also available X-Files Sterling Silver Limited Edition LI-1634."

.....the watch is out there.