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Have you ever been excited to read an annual report? I mean really excited to drill into the numbers, forecasts and stock overviews? No you haven't? I'm not surprised, BUT let me introduce you to an annual report that will actually change your mind.

Introducing Fossil's Annual Report from the year 2000. I heartily advise you however to glaze over the financials and look at just the artwork. I've been looking for this report for years (in paper format) to scan for the site and I recently discovered that it's already posted online on I've uploaded the PDF to this post just for you to review and keep in case one day it disappears from Fossil's site. If you look on Page 21 you'll see a certain gentleman that's been part of this site since the very beginning.

I've always called him Ward, but I knew I liked him back in 2010 and apparently he's been a Fossil fan since 2000. Thanks Ward!

Ward says this is amazing.

Ward says this is amazing.

As a bonus I've included a photo of yours truly looking at the paper copy of the Fossil 2000 Annual Report on a recent trip I took to the Fossil World Headquarters near Dallas, Texas. I don't always read annual reports, but when I do it's a Fossil Annual Report from 2000 with stellar artwork and funny little graphics. More on that trip in days to come.

By clicking on the image below you'll be able to download the entire 2000 Annual Report. Enjoy the show!