The most valuable Fossil Limited Edition - "The Greatest"

by Terry Moss in ,

Running a collectors site you run into 2 questions almost on a daily basis.

  1. How can I get or how do I find more information on "xyz" Fossil item?
  2. How much is my "xyz" Fossil item worth?

Rarely do we talk about prices and item values on this site, but all experts will agree that the most valuable of the early Fossil Limited Editions is the LI-2004 Muhammad Ali Limited Edition Collector's Watch Set. "The Greatest" is the fourth limited edition in the licensed watches that Fossil started in 1992 -- the licensed watches include all the NFL and NBA watches. 

"The Greatest" came out in August 1994 and only 7500 were produced - original retail price was $200, which at the time was the most expensive limited edition that came out. $200 is a good deal today. The item is packaged in a nicely designed wooden box with a glass top that showcases the 6"x7" autographed photo of Ali/Liston championship fight on May 25, 1965. The Ali signature is done in a silver paint pen which will not fade over time. 

Once inside the cherry display box, you'll find the watch. A Fossil coin dial watch with Ali's face is on it with the words "3 Time World Champion". The watch does have a unique tin obviously made just for this set. Fossil was also nice enough to include a COA.

A lot of times you'll see just the watch listed on eBay and the prices aren't that different from other Fossil limited pieces; however when you place the watch in the cherry display box with the autographed photo the price goes way up! Years ago it wasn't uncommon to see these sell on eBay for $600-$800. I've been watching these for some time (because I want to sell mine) and recently sold sets are selling in the $350-$500 range. One thing you need to remember about eBay is asking price and sold price are 2 different things -- so many sellers are asking $695, $899 and even one now for $1,199.95 and unless you're not all there you can find them much cheaper (on the same site). 

Obviously we're being a bit cheeky, but as a Fossil Watch collector you should be against full-blown retail priced buy it nows on eBay -- be smart, do your research and save the extra money for more watches!

Now enjoy some pictures of "The Greatest"