Fossil Times: the importance of a newsletter

by Terry Moss in ,

Back in the 80's my friends and I had a Def Leppard club. We signed our names in a notebook and listened to Hysteria on loop as we swung on the swingset in my friend's backyard. One thing the Def Leppard club didn't have and it led to its demise was a newsletter. Yes a tangible newsletter filled with Def Leppard goodness and mailed to it's members on semi-regular basis -- this would have been key to keeping the club alive!

One of the reasons the Fossil Collectors Club is still around albeit via fans is because of the Fossil Times newsletter that I found a few years ago when I purchased the 1995 Collectors Club kit on eBay. As my family grows and the clutter is creeping like The Blob into every room of our house I almost forgot I had this issue until this past week when I started digging through my collection.

From 1994 to 1998 the Fossil Collectors Club mailed out 3-4 issues a year to it's collectors. The newsletters had all the Fossil goodness you would expect including spotlight characters, limited edition release information, sneak previews and even one that announced the upcoming Defender line - xoxo.

Any good collectors newsletter should feature the collector of the month and the Fossil Times did that too. We should start one here. Our Facebook group is growing and some of the members have more watches than I do! Something to consider....

For your visual enjoyment I have scanned this issue of the Fossil Times that started it all. Volume 1 Issue 3 circa 1994. My only question is what happened to Larry Clark?