Say hello to the new Fossil Defender

by Terry Moss in

I never thought this would happen, but a recent search on the Fossil site brought up a new line of Fossil Defender watches and custom bands. Fossil has brought back my favorite line of their watches! It has been fantastic this year to see Fossil do some throwback pieces and products that speak of the older watches and advertising -- the time period that I focus on with this site and accompanying Facebook group. I certainly love the new watches and have way too many than I care to admit, but the oldies are where it's at for me and many of you. My hope is that these throwback watches, the limited and special editions and now the accompanying Defender line isn't just a marketing thing for the 30th anniversary, but that this trend continues.

These are just some of the new cases that are showing up on the site. You have several options for a band that needs to be ordered separately - all bands appear to be 20MM

In addition to the excitement I feel for the return of Fossil Defender watches, I can't help but wonder if this site had anything to do with the return of the Defender line. Honestly until a few years ago there was nothing online about older Fossil watches. I don't get paid to do this site and don't have any sponsorships or product drops for what I post about. I saw a need and filled it as a collector and this year the metrics have been through the roof! Fossil Defender is the number one traffic driver to the site and the metrics recently have been showing quite a lot of traffic from Fossil corporate. Put that together with some other signs and something was stirring.

Thanks also go out to you, in addition to the traffic -- the emails and photos you send along help to build the galleries and checklists that drive interest. With all your help, The Fossil Defender gallery is coming along nicely, with some recent new additions.

I am very excited and I hope that this line of watches does well for Fossil. Who knows maybe the next stop would be bringing back the Fossil Collectors Club? Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.....