Fossil Road Trip Retrospective -- all about anniversaries

by Terry Moss in ,

As you know Fossil is celebrating the big 3-0 this year, it's a huge deal. I'm super pumped for some of the 30th anniversary watches they've released on their sites so far and excited to see more. I've already bought 2 (don't tell my wife). I bought the LE1018 limited edition watch with all the 30th anniversary goodness and I bought the Special Edition Townsman Three-Hand Leather Watch - Brown FS4899.

Now let's get vintage: 20 years ago Fossil released the 10th anniversary commemorative watch with Fred Q. Fossil on the tin and on the dial. Watch details:

  • LE-9447
  • 10,000 made
  • Released in June 1994
  • $60.00 original retail

From the tin:
This Limited Edition Watch was produced to Commemorate FOSSIL's 10th Anniversary. This is one of a 10,000 piece series commemorating this event.

20 years ago Fossil also released this 10th anniversary brochure called the Road Trip Retrospective. I've scanned all the pages and you can see some of the watches through the years 1984-1994 along with some facts about the 80's and 90's.

Throughout the 12 pages it tells the following story:

"Time changes, styles change, a nation changes, you change your socks. What remains constant is a need to express ourselves & relax. Chasing down the ice-cream truck,, a trip to Graceland, a walk with the dog, or maybe a Song in the Shower. It's your choice not your Cousin Edna's to express, to be heard & most importantly, understood. Even if we don't share the same language or travel the same road."

Last anniversary to celebrate is the launch of this site. Fossil Collectors Club has been around for exactly 4 years (to the day)!