a new year and a new post

by Terry Moss in ,

I need to confess my sins to everyone. It's been a year since my last post and I can't believe it - I'm horrible! My hobby hasn't changed and neither has my pursuit of collecting Fossil watches and corporate swag. I bought more watches in 2013 than any other year (don't tell my wife), but in the same breath 2013 was the busiest year of my professional career. I travelled all over the world and as glamorous as it sounds, it's a lot of work and prepartion before the fact. 2014 proves to be a better year for work/life balance and I'm already working on some changes to this site for 2014 -- it's on my goals for 2014, so it will get done!

Happy New Year to all. Here's some of my thoughts for site in 2014.

  • I'm working on a new site design a new domain registrar. The URL will stay the same, but the look and feel will be changed. I've already upgraded Squarespace to the new platform and working on the bugs with the migration from their 5 platform to 6. So far I am not happy with the template selection and not savvy enough to make it look "vintage".
  • Looking at ways to make the site more interactive. I've met some greater Fossil nuts than me on this journey and I want to give them the opportunity to post and/or share their knowledge -- right now the posts are limited to me (I apologize).
  • I'm toying with removing the forum and just forcing everyone to use Facebook.
  • If you aren't on the Facebook page, please join -- I'm much more active on there and so are you!
  • Open to suggestions from anyone!
  • The majority of the web traffic to this site is people looking for Fossil Defender. I have plenty more Defenders to post, but I'm going to remove the prices off of the Defender guide. The prices on eBay are awfully high lately and I shutter to think it's my fault.

There you have it. What's in store for the future.

I leave you with my latest find. It's a new Fossil watch still sold in stores, I got a great deal on it over the holidays at the outlet store in Jeffersonville, Ohio. It's a JR-1432 Compass Chronograph Leather Watch.

Cheers and Happy collecting in 2014!

Happy Anniversary from my wife to me -- JR-1432