Reasons to get excited

by Terry Moss in

I have to be honest that I’ve been super inspired lately with the stats on the Fossil Collectors site, the activity on Facebook, the emails I’ve gotten from random people and some of the things I’m seeing online around older Fossil merchandise. The Facebook group has been around for a few years, but lately I’m adding new people on almost a daily basis and then on the other hand, I already got a few emails this year from visitors to the site who aren’t on Facebook. Really great dynamic and as long as you’re a fan – it’s all good.  It’s been great. I’m even getting excited on some of the newer stuff it looks like Fossil has in the works for the 30th anniversary – I don’t work for Fossil or get paid for this, but I saw some 30th anniversary items and I’m excited.

Anyways I wanted to feature some images I got from an individual who emailed me.  It’s a Fossil DE-1534, not sure the difference in this watch vs. my DE-1500, but his watch features a stainless steel band, which is not one I’ve seen in my years of collecting these. Most of my Defenders, the newer ones have a SS band, but not these older ones.

Also including pics of a DE-1537 on the bottom, one of the few Defenders I don’t have. Looks great with the original brown leather band. 

I’ve added these to the Defender Guide as well as few others I’ve gotten in recent months. Keep the notes and emails coming. Happy collecting (and wearing)!