A Happy Ending With A Fossil Speedway

by Terry Moss in

One of the series that I haven't talked about on the site before is Fossil Speedway. I don't know many details on this series, but I'm working on it. All I know is there is a few standouts that I've been looking for and I finally bagged one. I also had a Fossil Speedway t'shirt in college, bonus points?

A few weeks ago I picked up this gem on eBay for $20. It was listed just as a Fossil men's watch, no mention of Speedway, obviously it's a bit scratched, needed a battery and the band had to go. I've seen similar models (FS-2899 and FS-2900) all cleaned up with the correct metal band sell for $50 and I've almost bought them before on eBay, but $50 is steep.

Took the watch with me on vacation last week in hopes of finding a replacement band for it at the Fossil outlet store. On the long drive home we stopped at the Fossil Outlet store in Jeffersonville, Ohio looking for a band. I asked the guy at the counter if they sold replacement bands and to my surprise he opened a drawer full of official Fossil replacement bands! So for all those posts about replacement bands, check out your local Fossil store, not sure if the main stores carry them or if it's only the outlet -- either way for $13.50 I got a new dark brown leather band for my previously loved Fossil Speedway FS-2900. Employees at the store put the new band on, I brought the watch home and cleaned up some of the scratches with Brasso and here it is.