United Airlines MileagePlus program has Fossil watches

by Terry Moss in

This is not an advertisement in any way, but I was pleasantly surprised to find out that my Contential frequent flyer points have merged with the United MileagePlus program and the merchandise selections are much better. With Contential One Pass all I ever did with my points was get magazine subscriptions and bid on football tickets.

United MileagePlus currently has 7 men's watches including a Dean Stainless Steel Watch that has been bookmarked in my browser for a long time now. When I first checked the site it was available for 13,400 points and now it's at 10,100 points, it may have something to do with my status in the program, but either way it's a great deal for a $115 watch that I've wanted for sometime now.

Check out the Fossil items here.