Updated Facebook Group for Fossil Collector's Club

by Terry Moss in ,

Yes the posts have been relaxed lately, but the action doesn't have to stop here because I'm lazy and enjoying summer. The Facebook group has been updated to the new version of their groups tool. It looks great and people can finally be added again. Currently I'm organizing pictures on there to be in albums. Please feel free to keep the conversations going and post pictures in there as well. I'd love to see what everyone has! This Facebook group is for all of us to enjoy.

I'm working on a few posts for the site here on my new Dick Tracy Watch, 2 new Defenders I picked up and some random advertising pieces I've gotten a hold of this summer. Looking forward to more posts in the fall when the days are shorter and it's too cold for me to enjoy the great outdoors!

Facebook Group - Bring back the Fossil Watch Collectors Club