More Fossil Defender updates and a small rant

by Terry Moss in , , ,

The Fossil Defender Series Guide has been updated with 3 new images. Thanks to a new reader Adam we now have a better image of the DE-1507 and new DE-1505 and DE-1520 pictures, which I didn't have before. Adam also sent some pictures of the original box for his DE-1507. For those of you who don't know much about Defenders they came in special cases, not the tins we're used to seeing. Defender was one of the 8 genres of watches Fossil offered in the 90's and they were a bit more premium than the normal releases.

And now a little rant....

Recently in talking with other members of our elite club, including Adam and also just my own personal experiences it is apparently obvious that Fossil doesn't care about the past. To think about the previous brand identity and advertising from the years gone by it's a sad state of affairs that none of that exists today. Fossil produced some great pieces in the 90's and if you still sport these watches today I wish you good luck in finding replacement parts and even bands for them.

I don't know exactly how many people are out there who appreciate the older Fossil watches from the 90's. Based on the numbers of people who hit the site I'd say it's a decent size. The Facebook group is lacking (shameless plug) so visit here and add yourself to the group. Together someone out there has some information on locating older replacement parts for these watches.

So the point of the rant today is hoping that someone out there knows where we can original OEM bands for Fossil watches from years gone by? I'm looking for brown and black leather bands for a few of my Fossil Defender watches and I know I am not alone.