Planet Fossil: Fifth and final Around the World Series watches

by Terry Moss in , ,

Finally back in action and I wanted to highlight the remaining watches in the Around the World Series. I've already discussed 2 of the 5 watches so far. Here's the breakdown of watches

  1. Captain Fossil Rocket Watch
  2. Cruise-O-Matic
  3. Streamliner
  4. Aero-Pilot
  5. Planet Fossil

The Planet Fossil was released in December 1994 and came with a lapel pin and packaged in a globe theme collectors tin. In my opinion of the 5 watches this is the least attractive to me -- maybe it's because mine doesn't look like the ones in the brochures or maybe because it's been worn and needs a good cleaning. Either way this watch was the last in the Around the World Series and was limited to only 20,000 made.

As with the Captain Fossil watch I am really in love with the tin for this watch. The lid is a piece of art with a young couple staring off into the world. They did a nice job encorporating the "around the world" tagline -- be nice if this tin could be made into a poster. All around the sides of the tin are random pictures of people doing different actions with a globe.

This was the hardest watch for me to find. I don't know what that means as far as collectibility, but it's definitely the oddball in the family.

Watch details:

  • Planet Fossil Limited Edition Collector's Watch.
  • Watch #5 in a 5 item set of Around the World Series.
  • Original cost $70 USD
  • This watch is #7034 of 20000 made
  • Model #LE-9452