Fossil - Universal Monster Series

by Terry Moss in ,

Here's a nice timely post about 2 weeks past Halloween. I've always liked these watches, but have never purchased any of them. Mainly because they are typically expensive and sold as collectibles online. A few of them had a very limited release and were released under license from Universal Studios. There are other versions of several of these watches, but I don't think they belong in the original Universal Monster Series because they are newer than the ones listed below.

The Universal Monster series was released in 1995 and each watch included a pewter figurine of the "monster". None of the "newer" ones included such a figurine.

  • Dracula-The Vampire Thriller: LI-1350
  • 1000 of these produced.
  • Frankenstein: LI-1285
  • 15,000 of these produced.
  • Features Boris Karloff's version of Frankenstein.
  • Godzilla: LI-1297
  • 1000 of these produced.
  • King Kong: LI-1277
  • 10,000 of these produced.