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Ever go to It’s a great site where you can travel back in time and see what various websites looked like in the past. I’ve used frequently to research Fossil watches and limited edition releases that were listed online. Most of what I know about Fossil Defender series watches I’ve pulled from this site. Too bad I couldn’t order one online.

For fans of the old Fossil advertising campaigns, is your place to go to see some of the artwork in action on the web. Below is a sample of some of the artwork I have pulled from the site. Sad thing is I can remember some of these pages when they were live back in 1996 and now they are archived for historical purposes.

Anyone out there know if I could use some of these pictures on this site? I’ve been tempted to use some of these images from time to time on a few pages, but I’ve always refrained. This post is simply showing the images that you can find on some of the old Fossil sites on

One of the most intriguing pictures I’ve seen is the picture of the Fossil bus. Don’t know the story on it, but it looks cool and it definitely had to be a show-stopper.