Fossil Pocket Watches

by Terry Moss in , ,

In the past I have had a few questions come to me on Fossil pocket watches. In addition Fossil pocket watches generally show up in the search results of the site as well -- so there's an interest in the community. Personally I am not a fan, but I know Fossil has done some pocket watches in the past and some of them were limited releases. Some of the limited releases appear on the Fossil Limited Edition Checklist.

Later models (post-1995) tend to appear on eBay and are usually fairly expensive. The Harry Potter Quidditch pocket watch is probably the most expensive one I've seen and has the coolest packaging.

A few months ago I provided my limited knowledge over to someone over at Antique Pocket Watch and they wrote a great article on Fossil pocket watches that I highly recommend reading. I normally would provide a hotlink, but since they never acknowledged my site or the checklist in their article I'll simply tell you to copy and paste this URL in your browser and check it out.