Fossil Around the World Poster

by Terry Moss in

I've posted a few times on my love for the Fossil Around the World Series. There were 5 watches in that set and a bonus clock if you bought all the watches and mailed in the proofs of purchase.

I've highlighted some of the watches before here including the Cruise-O-Matic watch and the bonus clock. Future posts on the other 4 watches are forthcoming, I promise.

The poster in my office says Around the World, but I don't know for sure if it's related to the campaign from the mid-90's. The branding is consistent with the marketing materials from the 5 watches and for goodness sake it does Around the World, but I have a few other items that say Around the World and I know they are not related to the watches. Most bizarre item I have is my everyday leather belt, it says Fossil Around the World on the tag. So this was most likely a poster hung in the store that just advertised a short-term campaign.

Regardless of its heritage, it is a cool piece and I proud to display it in my office. It measures 27 inches tall and about 21 inches wide. The poster is mint and I bought a cheapie frame to frame it in my office. I love the guy at the bottom of the poster and I have seen in the past a cardboard display piece of him holding a actual tin.

The only Fossil poster hanging in my office