Fossil Broadcasting watch

by Terry Moss in

A nice oddball watch that I have come across from Fossil is the Fossil Broadcasting watch. Watch features a nice timeless design with the iconic image of a tv or radio tower on the face of the watch. Watch says 1959, which I think is odd considered most Fossil stuff says 1954. What the significiance of the year 1959 on the watch is I am not sure.

This watch is cool because it wasn't a limited edition or a collector's piece. I have no idea what year this watch came out (I'm guessing 1994) or even the production run details. I'm assuming since it wasn't a limited edition piece (no LE in the model number) than it should have had a run of more than 20,000. Model number on this one is EC-6819.

Interesting enough I had a Fossil t'shirt from 1999 that featured the same tower on top of the earth.

Fossil Broadcasting