Fossil Coffee Shop

by Terry Moss in ,

When I started this site back in February 2010, I was mainly thinking it could be site to talk about my favorite Fossil watches from the 1990's. As I started writing and sorting through my collections I have found that my passion for Fossil runs past watches and into the oddball merchandise they produced and so does yours! The stores and displays in the 1990's had some great merchandise. Some of the items I have and have seen I am not even sure if you could buy it in the stores, but the internet and collector's forums have really allowed us to find some great stuff. The past few months I have sorted through my collection and hope to have more regular post on watches and of course the oddball advertising pieces that I really love.

Wanted to highlight a recent eBay find - a Fossil Coffee Shop mug. I have only seen 2 of these and the first one sold for $30 on eBay. I paid $9.50 for this and it's well worth it. The mug is white and is styled after the diner coffee cups from the 40's and 50's. No other coffee mug is styled after this one. The logo is a circle with a worker and it says, "Servin it up since 1954"

Servin it up since 1954