1995 Fossil Collectors Club Kit

by Terry Moss in , ,

One of my favorite Fossil Collector's Club kits is the 1995 kit. It came in a pizza box basically filled with many goodies. The box itself is a work of art, hard to display, but it is covered with 50's scenes.

Of all the kits I have this one has the most items. First the paperwork is a gem here. Included was an issue of Fossil Times. According to the brochure I have being part of the club you were entitled to a quarterly newsletter. This newsletter I have is numbered X. On the back of the Fossil Times is the limited edition checklist. Something I posted on here a few months ago.

A brochure of items is also included. A few months ago I posted scans of each page. You can view that post here on the 1995 Fossil Collector's Club brochure. This brochure is very valuable because not much collector's limited edition information is available in print. Some miscellaneous print items also exists such as the membership card and welcome letter to the club. Included also is a Collector's Club pin.

A t'shirt is also included in this kit. I've never seen another shirt made that references the Collector's Club. The shirt only has the logo on the front with no other markings anywhere.

The 1995 Fossil Collector's Club watch is a beautiful piece. Has a timeless design and is very clean. The watch is model number LE 9464.