Unique Fossil black watch BQ-8487

by Terry Moss in ,

I picked this watch up recently and I love it. It's hard to describe what it is. It's not a chronograph, but it has the dials on the face that tell the month, day of the week and the date. I am anxious to get a battery in it and see it go.

I bought this watch because it is closest thing I've seen to that vintage 40's/50's look that I love so much. Best part is I paid $15 for the watch and it came in a nice tin with the original paperwork and sleeve.

The last picture is something I've not seen before and it's just a piece of cardboard that rests in the top of the tin. Not sure of the purpose it served or on what watches/tins they were included with, but click on it and check out the image. Very cool piece of work.