My second Fossil watch – a semi skeleton watch

by Terry Moss in

I have several reasons why I love Fossil watches and one of the reasons is that it seems like at every moment of my life I received or bought a Fossil watch to commemorate the occasion. This lets me be sentimental with watches that represent various times in my life without hoarding massively large objects :)

On one of those occasions I received this watch as a gift from my youth pastor at our church when I became an Eagle Scout. He knew how much I loved my Cruise O Matic watch and continued the trend by buying me this watch and presenting it to me at my Court of Honor in July 1997 - thank you Jim Cole!

I wore this watch from 1997-1999 and it never failed me. Great little watch. I don't remember what all worked from a gear perspective, but it is definitely not a full skeleton watch.

Fossil SK-4929

Watch details:

  • Fossil semi-skeleton watch.
  • Model #SK-4929
  • Water Resistant Construction. No wording on how deep.
  • Says Authentic Fossil Product on the back. Not a limited series.