Fossil Tins

by Terry Moss in , ,

Most people when they think of Fossil watches probably think of one thing --- tins. I’ll place money on it. Tin collecting has a life of its own and it’s something I am just now getting started with. Online there are more sites and blogs dedicated to tin collecting than to Fossil watches and memorabilia. It’s pretty amazing the information out there and the passion some of these folks have with tins. I’m hoping to link in with some of those folks later on as I build this site.

Fossil tends to release tins in sets of particular designs. I’ve been finding sets of 4 lately online, meaning 4 of them have the same theme or treatment. Most tins had a numbering scheme with a date, which makes for easier classification. The newer watches I’ve been buying lately do not seem to have any indication of numbering scheme or a specific timeframe, maybe they are bootleg tins or something.

Fossil has released a book called, “Tinspiration” and I’ve tried to order it twice from their corporate site and both times my order is cancelled. So either the book is make believe or they refuse to ship to me anymore, regardless I’ve taken matters in my own hands and bought the book on Amazon for $6.99 with shipping!

I received it the other day and I am spending some time with it before I start posting about tins and tin collecting. It only has the watch tins in the book, so wallet tins and other misc tins are not covered. Pick the book up for yourself -- the back of the book has the most comprehensive and visual guide to tins I've ever seen.