Around the World Fossil Clock – my holy grail (for now)

by Terry Moss in

I’m a huge fan of the Around the World series from the early to mid-nineties. As you already know it is the series that started my Fossil collecting bug. The clock was only available via mail order and you had to submit 5 proofs of purchase to Fossil from the 5 watches in the series, they would then mail you this clock. Well I’ve long collected the 5 watches in the series, but I’m guessing the promotion is over and you can’t get this clock anymore from Fossil (it’s 15 years old already). Admittedly I’ve thought about mailing proof that I own these 5 watches to Fossil and see what happens – the clocks are probably in some warehouse in Texas.

This particular clock came on eBay back in December, but the seller had all the watches with the clock and I believe it was pretty expensive for the set. It didn’t sell, so lately she has been selling the set off one item at a time and finally late last week the seller finally listed the clock as a standalone item for $0.99 to start!

I honestly thought more people would be after this item. It’s pretty rare; I can’t imagine that even 1000 of them were mailed out. I could be wrong, but in 4 years of looking on Google and eBay this is the first one that I have come across. The best part is I came across it for $16.50! I fully anticipated spending over $100 on this piece based on the sales of the watches in the series, but $16.50? Makes me wonder am I crazy? Or did this piece fall through the cracks? Here are pictures and paperwork promoting the clock. Enjoy.