What is up with the Captain Fossil Rocket Watches lately?

by Terry Moss in , ,

I’ve noticed a trend on eBay and I can’t find any proof to the inflated prices on the Captain Fossil Rocket watches from the Around the World Series. Within the past few months the asking prices for these watches range from $100-$375. Do they sell? I haven’t seen one sell yet for those prices.

I bought mine on eBay last year for $22.50. I pity the seller, but I got a great deal. If you are looking for one of these watches be patient. It took me about 2 years to win the auction at a reasonable price in the condition I wanted.

This watch was available in 1994 and it was limited to a 20,000 item run.


Watch details:

  • Fossil Captain Fossil Rocket Limited Edition Collector's Watch.
  • Watch #1 in a 5 item set of Around the World Series.
  • This watch is #9260 of 20000 made
  • Model #LE-9432

One of the cool parts of this watch is not necessarily the watch itself, but the tin and packaging. It came in a larger rectangle tin that had a 40's /50's guy called Captain Fossil. I love the "official Captain Fossil Cadet Pin" and his quote "This is the real thing cadets". Here's a picture of the inside of the tin with the watch included. The tin came in a cardboard sleeve with a big F on it.