Bring back the official Fossil Collector's Club on Facebook

by Terry Moss in ,

I have created my first Facebook group entitled, "Bring back the Fossil Collector's Club" I was never a member of the official club that lasted thru the 90's, but I always thought it was a great idea and no better company than Fossil to have one. Fossil's products are unique and after 26 years in business there are some diehard fans out there, I being one of them. The collector's club was a unique offering and there were some great products that only club members received. You can read more about it in the Facebook group.

Goal is to build awareness that there are some fans out there and hopefully Fossil takes notice. Expect minimal updates and emails from the group as it is just a cause to bring back the official club in one form or another. If you find things of interest or have items from the club feel free to post them there.

Looking forward to seeing what's out there. Click the logo to go to the Facebook group and join the cause!