The New Automatic: No Battery Required - Men's Automatic ME1033

by Terry Moss in

Collecting Fossil watches and advertising memorabilia has kept my collection solely based on the 90's. In an effort to keep my collection nice, I don't normally wear these watches when I'm out. I look to supplement my collection with more modern Fossil watches that have the look and colors that work best for me and can take a little beating on the job.

One of these more recent purchases in my collection is this Men's Automatic Fossil Watch, more specifically it's the Automatic Champagne Twist watch ME1033. Watch was originally marketed in early 2008 and it was the flagship of the Automatic line at $175.

Watch is one of my favorites simply because of it's subtle automotive theme. The secondhand gauge hits a big 60 and the automatic portion of the watch is gauged by full or empty. It's a beautiful watch, has a great classic look, but it's huge. The heaviness of the watch (10.56 ounces) lets you know it's still on your wrist and the thickness of the case (15 millimeters) ensures that when people see you that the first thing they look at is your watch.

One of the best parts of this watch has to be the Automatic feature. Having dozens of watches requires some upkeep. A stock of batteries is always on hand and I dread Daylight Savings time changes, but this watch makes all these easy. A full charge last about 2 days and changing the time from a dead stop is extremely easy.

The watch has a lot going for it, but unfortunately I don't think it ever sold well. In January of 2008 I received an email from Fossil announcing it's arrival for $175 and in the summer months of 2008 I saw my local Fossil outlet store had about 6 of these watches for $70. This past summer I saw some of these watches still in the showcase there, they also had different variations of this watch. I saw a black one with red highlights and it was even cheaper, it was pretty "interesting" and sold for $57 at the store.

Watch details:

Model Number:    ME1033

Case diameter:    41 millimeters

Case Thickness:    15 millimeters

item-weight:    10.56 Ounces

Water resistant depth:    50 Meters