Return of Fossil Defender series?

by Terry Moss in

While browsing through the latest Fossil catalog in the mail last night I came across something familar. Check out the latest catalog by visiting and check out page 32. Fossil is now promoting the Vintaged Bronze collection and oddly enough alot of those watches resemble Fossil Defender watches from the 90's. Now the coloring is different, but the face of the watch and the font of the numbers is exactly the same.

Look at one example. The image below is Fossil Defender DE-1501. Nice watch and very unique.

Fossil DE-1501

Here's the new version from the Fossil Vintaged Bronze Collection DE5009.

Vintaged Bronze DE5009

So not exactly the same, but really close and did you notice the model numbers? Fossil Defenders were always DExxxx or DFxxxx and look at the model numbers of these watches. They have ranges in the DE1000's and DE5000's. Someone at Fossil is respecting the Defender Series.

Click Fossil Vintaged Bronze to view the latest selection on Fossil's site and click Fossil Defender to view our Fossil Defender guide.