Fossil Solar Watches

by Terry Moss in

Taken from the Fossil Limited Edition Checklist we know that there are 4 known different Fossil Solar watches that were in limited production. These watches were released in 1994 and other solar powered watches made by Fossil are not known. The appeal of these watches are great much like the Automatic watches. They are virtually maintenance free and by not having a battery it makes the task of opening up the back of the watch nonexistent, which is a major plus for me.

Recently I came across a men's Fossil Solar watch on eBay. This watch is model LE-9439 and it's listed as Basic. The other variants in the Solar family are Retro and Sport. The Basic model also features the date. This watch originally cost $125!

With a few hours in the sun it ran for over 24 hours. The watch is water resistant to 3 ATM.

I'd love to see if anyone has one of these watches possibly with paperwork or maybe even a package that it came in. I'm keeping my eyes open.